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Pallet flow rack
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General Description
Mytekrack’s Pallet Flow system uses gravity-driven conveyers to move pallets. Each lane contains either roll tracks which require higher quality pallets, or full width rollers which work with a variety of pallet qualities.
The main parts of this storage system are the static racks and dynamic roll tracks. The latter are placed on a decline along the rack and gravity is used to move pallets from one location to another. Each lane contains brakes that control the movement of the pallets. As a pallet is unloaded, the one behind it moves forward.
Pallet Flow Rack suits FIFO inventory systems well since, as loads are moved from the loading to the unloading ends, the first load in is removed first. It is also ideal when pallets must be moved from one area to another without fork lift trucks, such as a production line. Less dependency on fork lift trucks also means more flexibility, lower truck maintenance costs and less fork lift damage to racks.
• Applications usually involve high pallet counts representing low numbers of SKUs such as food processers
• Can be used in dry storage, freezers and coolers
• Used to increase picking efficiency (case or pallet) on a FIFO basis
• Offers medium to high density storage in flow lanes varying from two to more than 20 pallets deep
• Does not require specialized forklift
• Loads index automatically – forklift does not have to enter system
• Higher capital cost than static high density alternatives
• Not easily adjusted or reconfigured
• FIFO system

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